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Injured…. When Should You Sue?


Judy was shopping at her local supermarket and heard “Clean Up in Aisle 2” over the intercom.  As Judy headed down Aisle 2, she was impressed with how quickly the maintenance crew cleaned up the mess and surrounded the area with proper signage.  Judy continued through the store, hitting up the frozen foods section next.  Suddenly, Judy slipped on a puddle, causing her to lose her footing and hit the hard floor.  Judy bumped her head and hurt her shoulder, but got up quickly as she was embarrassed.  Judy, fortunately, had not received a concussion, but had severe shoulder pain.  Judy looked around for wet floor signs, but did not see any.  Judy could barely see the puddle of water, but noticed that it came from underneath an upright freezer full of ice cream.  When Judy talked to the store’s manager, he apologized and said that they were planning on fixing the freezer, but hadn’t got around to repairing the leak.  Judy asked him why there was no caution sign by the freezer; the manager had no good answer.  When Judy left the store, she realized her pain was worse than she initially thought.  Her doctor’s diagnosis found a small fracture in her shoulder.  Judy understands that accidents happen, but she would like to sue the store for her injuries.  How long should an
injured individual wait before they sue?